March: Unit – Things That Go
 Events: Bring Your Own Wheels Day

Friday March, 9 *
AM classes 10:00 AM
PM classes  1:30PM
Extended day classes 12:15PM

bicycles, tricycles, and scooters lined up for a parade

Students bring their bicycle with training wheels, tricycle, or scooter to school. Bicycles without training wheels need prior approval from the child’s teacher. Helmets are required for bicycles and scooters.

“Wheels” will be dropped off when child is brought to school. A parade will take place at the times listed. Parents are invited to attend the parade. Siblings are allowed as long as they remain with their parent. Playground equipment will be closed.

*Friday, March 16 will be our back up date if weather causes us to cancel Wheels Day on the 9th,  times will remain the same.

No School: March 19-23 Spring Break