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Upon arrival, cars form a waiting line in the drive north of the Special Services Building. Cars will move around the drive beside the Clyde Howell playground.  Students should remain in the car for their safety until a decorative flag is placed outside the building at (7:55-AM class and Extended-Day classes 11:50-PM class). This flag is the signal that a staff member is on duty ready to supervise. The teacher on duty will greet your child and help them out of the car. The children will proceed inside the school building and sit in the Pup Room in a designated area. (We really recommend students arrive no earlier than 8:05 for AM or 11:50 for PM since it is a long time for a young child to wait.)


Dismissal of classes will be at 11:05 for AM Half-Day classes and 2:45 for Extended-Day classes and PM Half-Day classes. Children will receive a colored tag that designates their plan to get home each day. This tag should be attached to their backpack and kept there the entire year.  Please be on time each day. Children tend to get concerned when they don’t see their car waiting for them. If your child’s plan for getting home changes, please write a note or call the office to inform us of the change or else we will assume the usual plan is to be followed. An ID will be required when any dismissal change has been made.  Children will be escorted to the front of the school to meet their car. Parents should come south down Littler and tudismissal-039rn right at the first entrance north of the Special Services Building. Follow the traffic in the pick up lane, beside the  Clyde Howell building, and into the loading zone in front of the school.  There will be four colored poles placed in the loading zone designating areas where we will load your child into their car.   Please remain inside your car to keep the line moving. You will receive a name card to place in your front passenger windshield. This will enable us to have your child waiting at the appropriate pole where we will help them safely into the car. The name card will be used everyday for identification. We will ask for an ID when there is no car tag or if the staff is unfamiliar with the person picking up. For the safety of all, children will only be released through the car line procedure. In an extreme emergency, parents have the


option to come inside the building and check their student out as long as it is before 10:55 for AM dismissal and 2:35 for PM dismissal. Once students are outside, walk up dismissal will not be allowed until the car line is finished.

Inclement Weather Days

If the weather is bad and we need to dismiss the children from inside, your procedure will not change. The students will remain in their classroom and exit as they are called.