New Procedures for 2019-2020

building arrival-6353


During our arrival process cars form a waiting line going south on Littler, turning right (west) along 12th Street. Please be mindful not to block our neighbor’s driveways or our parking lot. Cars will move down 12th Street to the south side of the school building into the loading zone. Students remain in the car, for their safety. A decorative flag is placed outside the building (7:55 for AM class and 12:00 for PM class) signaling a teacher is on duty ready to supervise. The teacher on duty will greet your child and help them out of the car. The children will proceed inside the school building and either sit in the Pup Room or weather permitting, play on the playground. The duty teacher goes off duty at 8:20 for AM and 12:15 for PM. If you did not make it to the front of the car line by the time the teacher goes off duty, you will need to park your car and walk your child to the school’s front door. If you arrive after 8:25 for AM or 12:20 for PM you will need to check your child in using your driver’s license at the kiosk in the hall.



Dismissal of classes will be at 11:05 for AM and 3:00 for PM. Please be on time each day. Children tend to get concerned when they don’t see their car waiting on them. Children will receive a colored tag that designates their plan to get home each day. This tag should be attached to their backpack, and kept there, the entire year.  If your child’s plan for getting home changes, please write a note or call the office to inform us of the change or else we will assume the usual plan is to be followed. An ID will be required when any dismissal change has been made.Children will be escorted to the south side of the school and sit with their class until the duty teacher calls them to a colored pole. Parents come south down Littler and turn right (west) on 12th Street. Please be mindful not to block our neighbor’s driveways or our parking lot. Follow the traffic into the loading zone.



There will be 4 colored poles in the loading zone where staff will load your child into the car. Please remain in your car to keep the line moving. You will have received a name card to place in your front windshield. Use a pant hanger to hang it from your rear view mirror after turning onto 12th Street.  This helps the duty teacher to see the name as soon as possible. The name cards will be used everyday for identification. We will ask for an ID when there is no car tag or if staff is unfamiliar with the person picking up.

New for 2019-2020 there will be a walk up pole at the south east corner of the school. Parents wishing to walk up to pick up their child will need to park in the parking lot, carry their ID and student’s name card up to the east side of the school and form a line along the building. When appropriate the duty teacher will call these children to the blue pole as part of the dismissal process.

Inclement Weather

If the weather is bad during dismissal the children will remain inside the classrooms. Your procedure will not change and the children will exit as they are called.


Click here for a video showing the procedures.

And here’s a helpful aerial photo: