Extended Day Lunch Information:

Lunch will be served around 11:15 in each extended day program classroom.
School lunch may be purchased for your child.
*The price of a hot lunch with milk is $2.85. Milk can also be purchased separately for 50 cents.
*Free and reduced lunch option is also available upon approval when form is completed and returned.
*Parents have the option to pay on line at our school website.
*Money can be added to your child’s lunch account by sending check or cash to Joan in the office on Mondays only.
*Lunch menus will be sent home monthly in Friday Folders and will be posted on our website.
Students may bring a lunch from home.
*Keep in mind there will be no refrigerator space available for student’s lunches from home.
*Using child friendly packaging will be helpful.
*Please include any eating utensils your child will need to enjoy their lunch.
*Please keep in mind healthy eating as you pack your child’s lunch.


Make payment online.

Lunch Menu (coming soon)