8:20-8:35 & 12:05-12:15
Work Time (blocks, pretend are closed) This is a short work time to allow everyone to get to school and get settled in.

8:35-9:05 & 12:15-12:45
Brain Smart Start  This is a large group setting. We prepare our brain to learn by participating in activities to unite, disengage stress, connect, and commit.  Then we proceed with our message board activities        (literacy/math development), and introduce any new materials or centers.

9:05-9:25 & 12:45-1:05
Recess We go outside weather permitting everyday. On days with inclement weather there is a revised schedule that allows for gross motor development in our Motor Room.

9:30-9:50 & 1:05-1:30
Huddle  Teacher and the TA each meet with a small group of ten students for a guided active learning lesson. The lessons will vary from day to day but could include math, science, language, gross motor, fine motor or a combination of any of the curriculum areas.

9:50-10:35 & 1:30-2:15
Plan-Do-Review Students plan what work they are going to do and tell their plan for work to the teacher. The children then work independently in the centers around the room. (Pretend, Game, Art/Writing, Snack, Blocks, Listening Tub, Easels, Water Table, Books, building, and computer)

10:35-10:45 & 2:15-2:30
Clean up/ Recall This time is an important language and review time where the students recall or review something new that has been learned or share an accomplishment from work time with others. This will be done in a variety of ways.

10:45-11:00 & 2:30-2:40
Story Time This is another time the whole class is together participating in music, rhythm, movement, and stories.

11:00-11:05 & 2:40-2:45
Prepare for dismissal.

Friday 8:50-9:05 & 12:30-12:45
Pup Time –  Classes gather in the Pup Room for a time of singing, dancing, and community building. We encourage everyone to wear their pup shirts on Friday.