Snacks Do The Body Good!snack 2

Research has found that to facilitate optimum learning young children need to have a healthy snack between meals to fuel their bodies and brain. With this research in mind, each child will be encouraged to prepare a snack daily during work time at the snack center. At this center, each child will read and follow a recipe in order to prepare their snack. This activity will not only be fun and tasty but also utilize skills in math, science, language, and socialization. As you can see, it will be an important part of our curriculum.

In order to have the ingredients for these snacks, we will send a note home with each child monthly with the item requested and the date it is needed. If it is not convenient to send an item please let us know so other arrangements can be made.

As you can imagine this would be an expensive activity if just a few parents participate. We have found if everyone participates and sends one item a month, it will be a relatively inexpensive beneficial activity for each child.