a child prepares his own snack of cottage cheese and peaches

Research has found that to facilitate optimum learning young children need to have a healthy snack between meals to fuel their bodies and brain. With this research in mind, each child will be encouraged to bring a snack daily. This should be a small, healthy snack with packaging that your child can open on their own. Please label their snack with their name everyday. Due to peanut allergies please do NOT send any nuts or peanut butter snacks. No candy or chips. Children should also bring a clearly labeled, spill proof water bottle. Make sure it is filled with water at home each day. 

Remember we are at school for only a short amount of time so it does not need to be a large snack. Here are some suggestions for small healthy snacks that they can prepare themselves:

  • Count out and bag 10 grapes
  • Count out and bag 10 pretzel sticks/twists
  • Count out and bag 5 strawberries
  • Bag 1 graham cracker
  • Count out and bag 5 baby carrots
  • Count out and bag 15 goldfish crackers
  • Count out and bag 5 vanilla wafers

Contact your child’s teacher regarding current birthday procedures.